1990 premiere(?)

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The Joker's Wild made a return in 1990, but what's odd is that the premiere was adding on from its mock pilots! The designated champion is Michael Cedar, a record producer. His challengers are Judi, a word processor, and Michael Newkirk, an ice cream man. The question is, would everyone like this new format?


Michael Cedar is back all over again, this time with a grand total of over $8,300. He now faces off against Jody, a teacher from Redondo Beach, CA, and Rodger, a school counselor from Whittier, CA. The Joker's Jackpot is up to $8,000, still yet to be won in this show's broadcast history of the 90s era. Do you think it can finally be won?


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Michael Cedar is back again after breaking the Joker's Jackpot! His new competitors are Carolyn and Greg. Carolyn is someone to keep an eye on, if she's had enough sugar. The Jackpot is at $5,000. Can it be done two times in a row?


Many of you game show fans would remember Page O' Clips. When it was up, it had a General Knowledge round with Michael Cedar as the champion. Well, you get to see the full episode now! He is back again for his 6th show, now against Jim, an airline loader from Chicago, IL, and 3rd grade school teacher from Culver City, CA, Eric. Can Michael defend his title and add on to his $27,100 in cash and prizes, or will Eric or Jim step in as the official second champion of The Joker's Wild?


Michael Cedar, the show's first champion is still on a prowl as champion with $30,200 after being champion for seven days. Now, he's facing off against Kathy, a doctor from Minneapolis, MN, and Roger, a high school teacher from Middletown, OH. The Joker Jackpot is at $6,500. Do you think Michael still has enough in him to stay champion for another day, or will Kathy or Roger take the baton in this game of definitions?


Champion John is back again after winning over $6,000 in 3 days. His new opponents are Susan and Raymond. Can John go 4 days, or will Susan or Raymond have something to say about it? Joker's Jackpot is at $10,000


Debra is back with $19,800 in cash and prizes. She now faces off against Alison and Jobie in the cash-definition format of the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen. It's an exciting game today, look out! Jackpot stands at $6,000.


Donna McNealy is back again, this time with a grand total of $15,200. She now faces off against Greg, a law student from Boston, and Pat, a writer from California. Hold tight for this episode, we have an exciting showdown between these players. The jackpot was unspecified in this episode, so if you know what it was, please let me know. Who will win this exciting showdown on today's Joker's Wild?

Jonathan/Carlene/Thomas Van Dyke

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Champion Jonathan returns with over $2,000 in cash in the previous day. He now faces graduate student Carlene, and musician Thomas Van Dyke. The bonus round jackpot is up to $11,500. Can it be done by our champion?

Thomas Van Dyke/Najee/Barney

Thomas Van Dyke ($36,017) is a 12-time champion, and is going for a 13th win, this time against Najee and Barney. This is a very exciting episode, because if Thomas wins this game, he becomes the biggest winner in The Joker's Wild 1990 history. The jackpot is up to $17,500. Can the winning player nail it?


Returning champion, army man Steve Brown. His two opponents are Jann, a legal assistant and John, a school teacher. The Joker's Jackpot is $5,500


A few days after the format had changed, Jeff is playing for his third championship. He now faces off against Joan and Ted. The jackpot for this episode is $29,000, and includes a rare audience game. What happens here?


Jeff Burcowitz is back with $7,300+ in three days. He now faces off against Steve, a psychologist from Newport Beach, CA, and Sioux, organizational consultant from Long Beach. It's all about how well you know definitions of words as these three face-off in a game where knowledge is king, and lady luck is queen in category format of 1990. Jackpot stands at $29,500


Champion, Sioux is back with a grand total of $2,000. She now faces actor Rod and program developer Chip, on the definition game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen, category format. And in round 2, there's a game show category! Be on the lookout for that! Closing credits missing


Rod Hoss is back with $2,000 in his name, now facing off against Frank Hughes, a graduate student from Carson, CA, and Sally Cooper, a real estate agent from Los Angeles, CA. They are bound for battle in the category format of definitions in the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen. Stay tuned for this one as the Joker Jackpot is at $30,500! Audience game included during the credits


With $2,500, Frank Hughes returns for a new match against Billy, a national guard from California, and Nancy, a painting contractor. It's all about knowledge of definitions as these players fight to make it to the bonus round, as the jackpot has grown to $31,000. Can it finally be won?


After winning more than $5,500 in cash, Frank Hughes plays against Rusty, a costumer from Scottsdale, AZ, and Sharon, a therapist from Atlanta, GA. These three players battle it out in a game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen, the category format of the 90s version of The Joker's Wild, and the jackpot has grown to $31,500. Who wins and can they win the jackpot?


Frank Hughes plays again with a pocket filled with $10,200 in cash and prizes. Now he plays against Dennis, a teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, and David, a writer from Washington D.C.. How much longer can Frank last as he and his two competitors play to reach $2,000 and play the bonus round for a $32,000 Joker's Jackpot?
Occasional sticks in this episode


Frank Hughes is back for his 6th game, with 161 definitions answered correctly and $18,400 in his pocket. He now faces off against Phil, an actor from West Los Angeles, and Kay, a computer analyst from Davenport, Iowa. The jackpot stands at $33,000 in the bonus round, but buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight! This game looks like it's going to be a good one! Ending missing, and sound quality is jumpy every now and again


Phil is back with $2,000 after dethroning a powerful champion on the previous show. He now defends his title against Beth, a food stylist from Grier, SC and Anthony, a musician from Los Angeles, CA. One of these three will win the game of categorized definitions and go on to play for a Joker Jackpot of $33,500.

Phil vs. bonus round

Phil is back with over $2,000 from his previous win and has yet to play the bonus round, jackpot at $33,500. Afterwards, we meet Libby, an attorney from Boston and Joyce, an actress from Washington D.C.. Who takes this game all the way out?


Champion, Laura is back with $3,700. She now faces off against Nancy, a housewife, and Dennis, a writer. They play off the category version of the 1990s edition of the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen. And, be prepared because before this episode ends, the champion of the match gets to show off for the audience, and teach the same thing to Pat Finn himself!


Dennis has thus far won over $4,000 in cash in the last two days he's been champion. He now faces off against David Fizinni, a real estate agent from Chino, CA, and Mary Hunt, a telemarketer from Los Angeles, CA. Their objective, as always, is to answer definitions and make it to $2,000, thus winning a chance to go to the Joker Machine for a potential $36,000. I can't help but wonder who it's going to be, so let's watch!

Mary vs. bonus round

Mary Hunt won the championship on the last show, but time ran out before the bonus round could be played. So, Pat Finn gives her the chance and she has a chance to win $36,000 in the Joker's Jackpot. After that, she meets William, a travel agent from North Hollywood, CA, and Tim, an arranger/composer from Los Angeles in a very exciting show that may have you on the edge of your seat for the entire time! Who wins the game, but more importantly from the top of the show: will Mary win the $36,000 jackpot?


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In this episode, champion Tom returns, having won $2,000 on the last show. The bonus round jackpot is growing, and at the end of the show, an audience game is played...though, I think it was pre-taped from the last show. Only one way to know for sure is to watch.


Peter is back with $2,500 and is set to defend against Winnie, a community college instructor from San Diego, and John, a substitute teacher from Los Angeles. This category format looks to be exciting, especially when there's a jackpot of $9,500 at stake.


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John Burke returns with over $13,500 in cash and prizes in his previous two championships. Contending for his third title reign, he plays against Rochelle, an executive secretary, and John, a money trader. The Joker Jackpot is up to $5,500. What happens in this episode of The Joker's Wild?

Matt vs. bonus round

Matt won the previous game and helps Pat open the show with the bonus round, where the Jackpot stands at $9,500. After that, we meet Art, a realtor from Upland, and Wendy, a computer programmer from West Columbia, TX. They play the category definition format of the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen. Enjoy!

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Another one of the earliest projects I ever did, so I had to get some thinking to get this one going. Debbie is back with over $18,000, now facing off against Jeremey and Olivia. The revamped version of this one, the goal for round one is $2,000, and in round 2, values double and the goal is $5,000. Also, JOKERS went back to the classic Joker to go off the board than isolated times, and 3 Jokers could give a win if a definition was answered correctly. Plus, a contestant was guaranteed 2 spins for winning the game, but an extra one if they came from behind in the second round. Despite the early going of my project making, did this turn out all right for your liking?

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