Singles Day

The audience is in luck of winning some money from great celebrity couples, albeit today is Singles Day. No married couples, just singles going out with each other. Winning money for the blue section, properly being called the "Blue Bloods" today are Family Feud's Richard Dawson and his girl, Jody Donovan. For the banana section is Bill Macy and his girl, Samantha Harper. And finally for the red section (or the "pimentos") is Tom Lyndstrom and his girl, Kaye Stevens. Which section will earn the $1,000 bonus today?

Dorothy Jo/Bob Barker, Elaine Joyce/Bobby Van, Anne/Bert Convy
GENE RAYBURN guest hosts!

It's Emcee week on the game of celebrity gossip: Tattletales. The fill-in host for today's edition of Tattletales is a man all Match Game fans well recognize: Gene Rayburn himself! Playing for the blue section are Bob Barker and his wonderful wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon. The banana section is rooting for Bobby Van and his lovely lady, Elaine Joyce. As for the red section, the host they recognize for Tattletales is the one under pressure because he and his wife, Anne are playing...that is of course, Mr. Bert Convy himself. All questions are Match Game-related, hence the guest host. Which celebrity couple wins the most money for their rooting section?

Anne/Bert Convy, Jody/Richard Dawson, Doe/Jack Narz
BOB BARKER guest hosts!

Another Emcee guest host episode as The Price is Right's very own Bob Barker takes over hosting duties for a day, while host Bert Convy and his wife, Anne try to win money for the blue section. Playing for the banana section is Family Feud's Richard Dawson and his lady, Jody. And playing for the red section is Concentration's Jack Narz and his wife Doe. Which section will win the most money on this Bob Barker edition of Tattletales?

Anne/Bert Convy vs. Jody/Richard Dawson vs. Dorothy Jo/Bob Barker
JACK NARZ guest hosts!

After Bob Barker's interesting day of hosting Tattletales, Jack Narz of Concentration takes a turn of hosting, and his greeting sure gets his heart going, just hope Doe doesn't mind. Playing for the blue section are Bert Convy (the TRUE host of Tattletales) and his wife, Anne. Playing for the yellow "banana" section are Family Feud's Richard Dawson and his girl, Jody Donovan. And for the red section, is The Price is Right's Bob Barker and his wife, Dorothy Jo. Which rooting section will win the most money and win that $1,000 bonus?

Phyllis/Rip vs. Karen/Norman vs. Vivian/Bill

It's the game of celebrity gossip! Winning money for the blue section are Rip Taylor and Phyllis Diller. For the yellow "banana" section, their money will be earned from Norman and Karen Fell, and the red section money will be won by Bill and Vivian Daily. The celebrity couple that earns the most money for their section, that section will earn an extra $1,000 to go with their earnings

All episodes of Tattletales are posted in memory of Bert Convy (1933 - 1991)

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