GENE RAYBURN (1962 - 1984)
All episodes of Match Game are posted in memory of Gene Rayburn (1917 - 1999)

Pilot A

Part 1 | Part 2

After the big success of Match Game in the 60s, this is what led to the successful revival of the Mark Goodson hit TV show with Gene Rayburn. So once again, get ready to match the stars: Bert Convy, Arlene Francis, Jack Klugman, JoAnn Pflug, Richard Dawson and Betty White. In this pilot, the pilot champion Susan with $1,200 faces off against new challenger, Wendy. Most matches goes to the Jackpot Match. After that, another game is played. I think this was such a big success.

Mary vs. Margaret

Mary Monte is continuing her championship run, but time ran out before she could play her question. She needs to do some matching, because her challenger Margaret has 4 points. Celebrity panel includes Scoey Mitchell, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Debralee Scott, Richard Dawson, and Joyce Bulifant

Adrienne vs. Ginger (the "CUCKOO" episode!)

Adrienne and Ginger are currently in their first game, tied 0-0 as Ginger could not match Robert Walden, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Elaine Joyce, Bill Daily, or Joyce Bulifant. All eyes are focused on trying to fill in the blanks with the right answers, but I think there's one that will make you RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Roza vs. Joy (McLean Stevenson takes over!)

Roza and Joy are set to play Match Game, trying to match the stars: Bart Braverman, Brett Somers, Richard Deacon, Connie Stevens, McLean Stevenson and Debralee Scott. They are in their second match against each other, and Roza is the one challenging all over again. Keep a close eye on this one, because not long into the show, Gene Rayburn switches places with McLean Stevenson as McLean takes role as host, and boy does the hilarity ensue!

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