"Today, one of these lucky couples could win a dream vacation! They're all here to play the WILDEST shopping game ever..."

"And now, here's the host of Shop 'Til You Drop..."


HOST: Pat Finn
ANNOUNCER: Mark L. Walberg, Dee Bradley Baker
CHANNEL: Lifetime; PAX
PACKAGER: Stone-Stanley Productions

Shop 'Til You Drop was one of the most wildest shows I've ever seen, helmed upon by Pat Finn. Here's how it all worked


Two teams consisting of a male and female compete. The team that won the toss backstage would be shown a stunt to play, and the announcer would also act as a co-host for the stunt as well. Finn would review what the stunt was about, and then show them what to do, also laying out the objective. They are given the option to pass or play. If the team can achieve their objectivebefore the time expires, they'd win 100 points and a chance to go shopping on the lower floor of the mall. However, if the objective was not obtained, points would not be earned at all and shopping is not given. The other team plays the other stunt. In round 2, the other team would be shown the stunt and given the same option to pass or play, and stunts were now worth 200 points.


If a team won their stunt, they win the points and get to go shopping at one of the 7 stores among the lower floor of the mall. They win a prizefrom the store they chose, and it's theirs to keep, no matter what. One of the stores actually happened to be the Shopper's Special, where if they chose the store that has the Shopper's Special, they win a mini-vacation to either somewhere in Arizona or California.


The Shopper's Challenge round decided the game. Beginning with the ladies, Finn would ask as many general knowledge questions as he could in a minute and 30 seconds, otherwise 90 seconds. Each correct answer earns the team 50 points, and the teams would alternatein-between questions. At the end of 90 seconds, whoever was in the lead would go on to shop until they drop. If there was a tie in points, the team would alternate one more time and one more question would be asked. If an incorrect answer was given, the opposing team automatically won.


This was the funnest part of the show. There were 6 boxes, varying in sizes. The merchandise in the boxes were totalling in over $1,000 worth of merchandise. One member of the team would then become the "exchanger," in which case the other was the "buyer." For the next 1:30, the "buyer" would open the first box, going down the table. After looking at the merchandiseitem, the "exchanger" could either decide to keep it, or sell it to another part of the mall, where now the top floorwas accessible. To "sell," the "exchanger" would run to a part of the store, put the item down, take the store's box, run it over to the table and then hit the bell. Anytime an item wanted to be kept, the "exchanger" could just take it over to the table. After the 6 were on the table and the last bell was hit, everything would be accumulated. If a box did not make it to the table, or if it was on the table but the bell was not rung, the box would be forfeited.
Finn would then reviewthe items (the announcer/co-host would do the describing), and then Finn would reveal the price, which was in an envelope contained with the package. No matter what happens, the team gets to keep all the items they won, including the prizes from the stunts, and possibly the Shopper's Special vacation. If the team could accumulate up to at least $2,500 in merchandise, they'd win the dreamvacation!

"Hey, thanks for watching. We'll see you next time on Shop 'Til You Drop. Good-bye, my friends!"


-Pat Finn, the former host of the 1990 revival of The Joker's Wild is now the executive producer of Starface on GSN and also hosts California state lottery game show, The Big Spin
-Mark L. Walberg went on to host Russian Roulette on GSN, and then went to host PAX's On The Cover
-Dee Bradley Baker would also provide the voice of Olmec on Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple
-In the mid 1990s, this show was aired from Universal Studios
-When it was on Lifetime, Shop 'Til You Drop was the second highest rated show on the channel. The show that was rated a tad-bit higher was David Rupercht's Supermarket Sweep
-To make it more interesting, random people would sit on the top floor, cheering the teams on
-GSN hosted a Top 50 Game Show Moments, and Shop 'Til You Drop marked at #45 (do they even have the rights?!). The reason it was on the top 50: a record-setting 950 points!
-The last run of Shop Til You Drop was not as much fun as it was before. The new host was J.D. Roberto, and they played in a warehouse and the mini-games are now just played on a computer screen than actual stunts. The Shopper's Challenge Round stayed the same, but the endgame had all players running in alternate turns, with handing off the item, and only a stagehand takes the boxes. That just KILLED the show, though Dan Gordon, an interviewee here on the GST, had a blast on the show

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