"This is the television game in which daring determines the fate of the player."

"This is the game of strategy, luck and knowledge."

"This is..."

"Now, here's our host, JIM LANGE!"

HOST: Jim Lange
ANNOUNCERS: Jay Stewart, Charlie O'Donnell
AIRDATES: September 29th, 1980 - September 24th, 1982
CHANNELS: NBC (1980), CBS (1981 - 1982)
PACKAGER: Barry & Enright Productions


This show was a sort of combination of The Joker's Wild and Tic Tac Dough.

Two contestants competed with a huge "Star" board with 3 spinning circles. The corresponding contestant would use their plunger to go ahead and stop the windows, each showing specific categories. Originally, the values of each question were $50 to $200 a question, then it later doubled to $100 to $400 a question. The bottom window was known as the "Contract" window, which held numbers. The numbers was the corresponding number to the questions that must be answered.

The contestant would choose one of the two categories in the top windows to play with. The contract must be completed every time. Every correct answer added money to the pot, which the original amount wasusually shown in the window with the correct answers. Lange's podium would help remind how many questions were left in the contract. Whichever contestant completed the contract could either bank their money and keep it, or decide to keep playing. Incorrect answers sent the control to the opponent, who would steal control should they come up with the right answer. Another incorrect guess sent the control back to the first contestant, with a new question.

The "Bulls-eye" contract:

Also in the contract window was a Bulls-eye. Should the Bulls-Eye appear when the Contract window is stopped, then the contestant can go for as many questions as they want. After one question, they can decide to stop and bank the money or try another question.

Originally, the first person to acquire a total of $1,000 won the game. Later, it became $2,000. The winning player would go to Bonus Island to play for more fun stuff.


The winning player would play for more money and a prize package on Bonus Island. The reels would now spin various amounts of money and bulls-eyes. The contestant would use the Island's plunger to stop the windows. The contestant could always decide to stop and keep the winnings held to that point. Or, continue on. Should the contestant stop 3 Bulls-eyes in the windows, their money would double in the pot and they'd win the prize package. But as in every endgame, there's a catch. In one of the windows was lightning. Should lightning strike (a.k.a. appear) in its window, all winnings were forfeited and the game ended. But, should the contestant go 10 times WITHOUT seeing Lightning or lock all 3 Bullseyes in the windows, then their pot would go to $5,000 and the prize package would be won.
And, if a player went 5 times to Bonus Island, they'd win a car.

Bullseye is a

-Jim Lange is also known to be the host of The Dating Game, The New Newlywed Game, and The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime. Lange would also appear on Tom Bergeron's Hollywood Squares as a celebrity square during Game Show Week.
-According to David Livingston's now-defunct Game Show Galaxy, the neon lights and set of Bullseye was ahead of its time. Johnny Carson's Tonight Show was taped just across the hall of where the set of Bullseye was taped.
-Late in Bullseye's run, the show transformed into Celebrity Bullseye, where celebrity stars played for their favorite charities. Each match was not an automatic win whoever reached the $2,000 pot. It was a best 2/3 match.
-Game show announcer, Jay Stewart also announced Sale of the Century, Scrabble, and other fine shows until his death in the late 1980s. Charlie O'Donnell, who was the second announcer of this show, can be recognized as announcer of Pat Sajak's most popular show, Wheel of Fortune.

Well, this combination of The Joker's Wild and Tic Tac Dough really isn't that bad, but it was the length of the main game that did everyone in. The values of the questions should've been just a tad-bit higher. Jim Lange did perfectly fine for the show, and he did have a great sense of style. The celebrity format of the best 2/3 match just made everything worse, and there was no way to save the show therein after.

3.5 stars

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